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Missions is the world's only Hope!

Christ has given his church a mission. "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations," Matthew 28:19

Liberty Baptist supports well over a hundred missionaries ...

serving here and around the world!

~ seven missionary families sent from this local church ~

~ two churches birthed from this local church ~

~ over $4,000,000 given to missions ~

Foreign Missions

Steve & Ann Buchanan

Steve & Ann Buchanan - Puerto Rico

Currently Servicing
Amy Mussell

Amy Mussell - Mexico

Served 9 Years in Saltillo, MX (Medical issues)
Alexander & Kristen Spear

Alexander & Kristen Spear - Puerto Rico

Currently serving
Judy Joines

Judy Joines - Mexico

Served 26 years on the mission field
Bob and Louise Johnson

Bob & Louise Johnson - BIMI Rep.

Served 30 years in Africa

Stateside Missions

David & Amber Rasnake

David & Amber Rasnake - California

Currently serving

Bus Ministry

Bus Workers

Bus Workers

Still Servicing

Good News Club

good news club workers

Good News Club Workers

Pates Creek Elementary and Cornerstone Day-care

Nursing Home

Roger Prillhart

Roger Prillhart

Currently Servicing